Elevating Medanta Lucknow's Brand Visibility with 360-degree PR Solutions

Client Brief & Overall Objective

Medanta Lucknow, a prominent healthcare institution within the Medanta Group, aimed to enhance its brand visibility in a fiercely competitive healthcare market. Despite offering exceptional medical services, Medanta Lucknow struggled to effectively communicate its expertise and foster relationships with stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, and the local community. Additionally, the hospital faced critical situations requiring urgent crisis management.

Hook in the Brief

The challenge lay in redefining communication strategies to elevate brand visibility and credibility amidst stiff competition and critical healthcare scenarios.


Navigating the competitive healthcare market while effectively communicating expertise and managing critical situations posed significant challenges for Medanta Lucknow.

Strategic Approach

With a clear mandate to enhance brand visibility and credibility, Prius embarked on a mission to revamp Medanta Lucknow's communication strategies and bolster its media outreach. Our approach involved a comprehensive evaluation of the hospital's existing PR initiatives, identifying areas for improvement, and devising tailored strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Leveraging our expertise in PR and strategic communication, we conceptualized innovative health awareness campaigns, highlighted clinical excellence, innovations, advanced technologies, and organized regular CMEs to resonate with Medanta Lucknow's diverse audience and strengthen connections with key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Performance Highlights

360-degree PR Solutions: Through collaborative efforts, Medanta Lucknow launched multifaceted PR campaigns that captured its target audience's attention, resulting in a 35% increase in brand recognition and engagement across various media platforms. Special initiatives on significant occasions such as World Stroke Day garnered substantial media attention. Strategic Communication Strategies: Our team implemented strategic communication tactics, utilizing both traditional and new media channels to amplify Medanta Lucknow's presence and facilitate impactful interactions with its audience.

Stakeholder Engagement: Adopting a tailored approach, we facilitated enhanced engagement with stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, and the local community, through regular media outreach and CMEs in smaller cities, fostering valuable relationships and advocacy for the institution.

Continuous Innovation: Providing ongoing support, we ensured Medanta Lucknow remained at the forefront of the healthcare industry's evolving landscape. For instance, the launch of North India's first Varian Edge radiosurgery machine under its Comprehensive Cancer Care Programme showcased the institution's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

Measurable Impact: Our efforts resulted in tangible outcomes, including improved brand visibility, increased positive media coverage, and enhanced reputation management for Medanta Lucknow.

Outcome and Success: Our collaboration with Medanta Lucknow exemplifies the transformative power of strategic PR interventions in the healthcare sector. By deploying innovative PR solutions and strategic communication strategies, we assisted Medanta Lucknow in reinforcing its position as a leading healthcare institution in the region. Through continuous innovation and targeted engagement, we facilitated meaningful connections with stakeholders, driving sustained growth and success for Medanta Lucknow in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

Brand Advocacy

Testimonials from senior doctors and officials underscore the impact of our strategies, highlighting the remarkable transformation in Medanta Lucknow's communication efforts and the solidification of its brand presence in the market

This case study illustrates the critical role of strategic PR in enhancing brand visibility and credibility for healthcare institutions amidst dynamic market conditions and critical scenarios.