Narayana Health's PR Triumph with Prius, 'InsidER' Captivates India

Client Brief & Overall Objective

Narayana Health, a prominent hospital chain in India, aimed to elevate its communication and PR outcomes by effectively conveying its dedication to preventive healthcare, clinical excellence, and emergency awareness to a wider audience. Highlighting the critical role of the Emergency Room (ER) in saving lives required a strategic approach to media outreach and public relations.

Hook in the Brief

The challenge lay in surpassing previous milestones and achieving unprecedented media attention for Narayana Health, particularly with the launch of 'InsidER', India's first medical-docu series.


Navigating the competitive healthcare sector while emphasizing preventive healthcare, clinical excellence, and the significance of the ER posed significant challenges for Narayana Health.

Strategic Approach

With a clear mandate, Prius leveraged its longstanding partnership with Narayana Health to devise a robust plan for elevating PR outcomes. Emphasizing preventive healthcare, clinical excellence, and the ER's role, Prius strategically positioned 'InsidER' and orchestrated media outreach to garner maximum attention.

Performance Highlights - Innovative PR for 'InsidER:

Launch Event Success: The launch event for 'InsidER' in Bengaluru garnered massive media presence, with senior figures traveling from Delhi. Media response was unprecedented, with senior cardiologist Dr. Devi Shetty and other key personalities engaging extensively with media, showcasing Prius's proactive approach.

National Coverage: Prius's efforts resulted in extensive coverage across India, highlighting the series' focus on real-life emergency situations and the human side of healthcare.

Jio Platform Feature: 'InsidER' received immense support on Jio platforms, featuring 10 gripping episodes shot across Narayana Health's hospitals nationwide. Prius's strategy to highlight real-life stories resonate well with the media and audience alike.

Brand Transformation: Another Success Story:

Prius's strategic PR campaign for Narayana Health's rebranding exercise in 2023 garnered widespread media attention, reinforcing the institution's commitment to building a healthier India and strengthening its position as a trusted healthcare provider

Founder's Focus on Preventive Healthcare:

Narayana Health's achievement of conducting the highest number of electrocardiograms (ECGs) in a single day earned it a spot in the Guinness World Records. Prius ensured extensive media coverage of this feat, showcasing Narayana Health's commitment to preventive healthcare and clinical excellence.


A senior representative from Narayana Health's branding and marketing division acknowledges Prius's pivotal role in enhancing the brand's visibility and communicating its vision of advancing healthcare excellence. Prius's strategic approach and proactive efforts have helped Narayana Health reach a broader audience and reinforce its commitment to preventive healthcare, clinical excellence, and emergency awareness.

Prius Communications' partnership with Narayana Health underscores the power of strategic PR interventions in the healthcare sector. Through innovative campaigns and targeted Pan India media outreach, Narayana Health successfully communicates its commitment to healthcare excellence, strengthening its brand presence and leadership position in the Indian healthcare industry.