Starkey's Digital Mandate & Product Launch Event Strategy

Client Brief & Overall Objective

Starkey, a leader in hearing aid technology, aimed to launch its groundbreaking new product, 'Sound of Tomorrow', with a comprehensive digital mandate and a spectacular launch event. The objective was to create pre-buzz, generate excitement, and ensure a seamless integration of online and offline experiences to elevate the product's launch and sustain its success post-event.

Hook in the Brief

The challenge lay in orchestrating a multi-faceted campaign that not only generated hype but also fostered engagement and sustained interest in 'Sound of Tomorrow' beyond the launch event.

Strategic Approach & Planning

Pre-Buzz & Campaign Initiation:

Leveraged social media platforms for the launch announcement and introduction of 'Sound of Tomorrow', teasing glimpses of the activities and building overall content anticipation.

Implemented digital and mainline PR strategies along with landing page creation and SEO optimization to amplify the launch message and increase organic reach.

Initiated performance and community building campaigns, including LinkedIn promotions, to build a strong online presence and engage with target audiences.

Enlisted influencers for a campaign collaboration, leveraging their reach and authenticity to elevate the product's visibility on launch day.

Product Launch Narrative:

Keynote address followed by India Head highlighting key features and innovations of 'Sound of Tomorrow', accompanied by the brand film.

Revealed product pricing and conducted the official product launch act.

Starkey Leadership Conclave:

Organized a 'Sound of Tomorrow' Leadership Conclave featuring distinguished individuals discussing the fusion of human senses and technology for a more 'sound' future.

Speakers included Starkey senior professionals, government officials, social evangelists, select product users, doctors, and a moderator

Evening Performance & Stakeholder Management:

Presented immersive sound and act performances, streamed live to transport the audience into the launch day experience

Managed stakeholders with finesse, ensuring smooth interactions and collaboration between all involved parties, both online and offline

Exclusive Brand Association with Echoes Cafe:

Hosted a pre-launch media and influencer interaction at Echoes Cafe, involving staff in the narrative and sharing their inspiring stories

Announced the Echoes-Starkey Fund, donating Rs. 1 for every bill to deserving staff members and offering yearly audiometry checkups for staff

Created a co-branded PR narrative CONNECT impact, highlighting the partnership between Starkey and Echoes Cafe

Content Universe & Digital Sustenance

Developed various PR and thought leadership narratives to amplify Starkey's new product and its impact on hearing care

Created video content themes focusing on wellness, stigma reduction, inspirational stories, and innovation in hearing aid technology

Implemented a digital sustenance plan with continuous content creation, episodic video storytelling, campaign overviews, and corporate communication to stakeholders

This comprehensive strategy and execution plan enabled Starkey to successfully launch 'Sound of Tomorrow' with a resounding impact, generating widespread excitement and engagement both online and offline. Through strategic digital initiatives and a memorable launch event, Starkey solidified its position as a leader in hearing aid innovation while fostering a community dedicated to hearing care and wellness.