Elevating Surya's Brand Presence and Social Engagement

Client Brief & Overall Objective

Surya, a leading ethnic fashion house specializing in bridal, couture, and Prêt fashion, aimed to expand its brand presence globally while emphasizing the value of Indian craftsmanship. Surya sought to create a sophisticated, inclusive, and transparent fashion experience, positioning itself as a premium destination for high-quality ethnic wear

Hook in the Brief

The challenge lay in showcasing Indian traditional fashion on a global platform while uplifting the artisans and weavers behind the creations


Navigating the competitive fashion industry while maintaining authenticity and showcasing the craftsmanship of Indian karigars posed significant challenges for Surya.

Strategic Approach

Our agency devised a comprehensive strategy to elevate Surya's brand presence and social engagement. This involved managing the grand annual sale, collaborating with influencers, implementing performance marketing strategies, and strategically positioning Surya as the first brand from Chandni Chowk, Delhi, to showcase at Delhi Times Fashion Week. Additionally, we handled social media management, crafted strategic campaign shoots for new collections, and orchestrated PR activities across digital and mainstream media channels.

Performance Highlights:

Grand Annual Sale Management: By meticulously managing the grand annual sale events, we boosted sales and heightened brand visibility, resulting in a 25% increase in revenue.

Influencer Collaboration: Collaborating with influencers helped amplify Surya's reach and engagement, garnering widespread attention and driving 20% growth in social media following.

Performance Marketing: Strategic performance marketing initiatives contributed to a 15% rise in online sales and expanded Surya's customer base

Delhi Times Fashion Week Showcase: Surya's participation in Delhi Times Fashion Week elevated its brand status and attracted media attention, leading to a 40% surge in brand mentions and coverage.

Social Engagement and Reach: Our efforts increased Surya's social engagement and reach by 30% in just one quarter, establishing it as a prominent player in the ethnic fashion segment.

Outcome and Success:

Our partnership with Surya exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic marketing interventions in the fashion industry. By leveraging innovative strategies and a multi-pronged approach, we helped Surya elevate its brand presence, expand its reach, and showcase Indian traditional fashion on a global platform. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to authenticity, we facilitated meaningful connections with consumers and artisans, driving sustained growth and success for Surya.

Brand Advocacy:

Testimonials from Surya's leadership team underscore the effectiveness of our strategies in enhancing brand visibility and social engagement, solidifying Surya's position as a leading ethnic fashion house.

This case study highlights the importance of strategic marketing in promoting authentic Indian fashion and empowering craftsmen and weavers on a global stage.